Atmosphere Aerosol 

Atlas Studios understands that the use of Atmosphere Aerosol in any environment, be they a photography studio or a film location, can benefit to the shoot to make an atmospheric shoot.

This is why Atlas Studios will sell Atmosphere Aerosol to photographers and filmmakers in mainland UK.

Website orders

(Not using the product in the mill)

All orders are subject to free Postage


1 Atmosphere Aerosol Canister* = £16.00rrp 

*We currently have had to freeze bulk purchasing due to the shipping costs.

We are currently working on a viable solution to this issue.

Please accept our apologies on this matter,

Thankyou for your patience

Atlas Studios clients

(using the product in the mill)


1 Atmosphere Aerosol Canister = £12.50


4 can Bulk buy = £44.00

We will not sell more than 4 cans to Atlas Studios clients.

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