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Atmosphere Aerosol is a relatively new product, certainly to us, and one which we are finding our feet with its usage at Atlas Studios. Due to this we ask that you please bear with us, as we are  being cautious with its usage, until we are confident with what we are dealing with.


We have turned to this product as we are unable to use fog or haze machines in the studio, due to the sensitive smoke alarms we legally have to have in the building, due to the original wooden floor having linseed oil within it.

As Atlas Studios does not have an airflow running through it, this product will linger for quite some time. We feel that we are the perfect bedfellows to create incredible imagery, be they still or moving.

Rules of use

  • No more than 4 cans to be used in a day. (Should there have been a shoot before yours, you will be guided by your studio staff member on your shoot and how much you can use)

  • No using Atmosphere Aerosol within 10 metres of the smoke alarms (Your staff member will show you there location on the day of your shoot)

  • Do not expel your canister in one press. Try to keep it a 30 second blast, we have found this will more than suffice.  (We don't want to have to cancel your shoot because you were giddy with your canister and set the smoke alarms off)

  • Do not expel the canister within the green room / prop room.

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