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Covid 19

During these difficult, and strange times, Atlas Studios will be doing everything it can to ensure that our staff and clients remain happy and confident within our establishment that they can work and play safely whilst in a covid secure facility.

We have implemented the following protocols to achieve this:

  1. All staff and clients are to wear masks whilst inside Atlas Studios. These areas include from the entrance, main stairwell, toilet areas, kitchen, white room, green room and prop room. These areas are all designated mask areas.  We respectfully request, for the protection of our staff and your crew and talent, that masks are worn at all times, unless exempt. In regards to talent / models, we request that masks are worn to the green room, and they can then be removed for the purpose of shooting. once shooting has ended we ask that masks are worn.  

  2. All clients will be subjected to a temperature check before entering the premises, anyone with a high temperature will not be allowed to enter the building. We will perform a temperature check three times with 5 minutes delay between each to allow for any anomalies.

  3. Any person showing signs of illness, i.e. coughing, sneezing, sweating, will not be allowed entry or will be politely asked to vacate the premises.

  4. Atlas Studios will complete a sanitising deep clean throughout the white room, green room, studio, toilets and kitchen facilities, before and after every shoot.

  5. Where possible, doors will be kept open to limit the transmission points within the studio, and to provide a flow of air through our studios.

  6. Atlas Studios have medical grade sanitiser available for all our clients to use upon entering our premises, and whilst moving around.

  7. Atlas Studios will not be able to provide our usual tea and coffee refreshments. It provides too many potential transmission points.


We trust that all our clients will understand that measures have been put into place to ensure Atlas Studios is a covid secure venue and thus a safe place to work and play.

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