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Atlas Studios are excited to inform you about our new workshop referral scheme for workshop providers.

This referral scheme will benefit you, the workshop provider, financially and we can’t think of a better incentive for you to use us for your workshops in the future.

So how does it work?

Very simply, every time you have a workshop at Atlas Studios, and one of your workshop clients books after that date, you will receive £10* off your next workshop booking.**

On the day off your next workshop, Atlas Studios will pay you the money owed from your previous workshop clients.*** Thus making you more money by reducing your costs.

Why have we introduced this referral scheme?

Atlas Studios is very aware how important workshop providers are to the running or our business. You, the workshop provider, are bringing in new faces to our studios who may never of heard about our fantastic studios. These new photographers are potential new clients to Atlas Studios, and we want to recognise the importance of this.

Unfortunately, Atlas Studios is not able to pay bills on potential bookings of new clients; however we wish to reward workshop providers for bringing new faces to our studios who become friends of Atlas Studios and book time with us too.

As a workshop provider we recognise the potential you have for us as a business and wish to say thank you when that potential becomes actuality.

To assist you with this we will offer your clients a bonus hour when they book****, so long as they inform us that they came to your workshop. We hope for your next workshop this will encourage your clients to earn you your bonus referral. 


The boring, but very important details regarding this scheme can be found here.

  • To be included in the referral scheme you must opt in to the scheme when you book your workshop.

  • All workshop bookings must have £150 deposit paid before the workshop date.

  • Workshops must be paid in full on the day of the workshop. This payment must occur before the

    workshop starts, and will include any referral booking payments deducted from the workshop costs. i.e. 10 clients booked after Workshop A resulting in £100 being deducted from the workshop costs, leaving the remaining costs of the workshop to be paid before the workshop starts.**

  • The maximum referral cash back paid will be £150.00, regardless of the numbers of workshop clients that have booked. (*)

  • Clients booking before your workshop date will be included on the referral scheme, so long as they mention the workshop at the time of booking.

  • Only the workshop client’s FIRST booking will count to the referral scheme, any bookings occurring after this initial booking will not count towards the referral scheme. This includes any pre-workshop bookings as the client’s first booking.

  • The referral scheme only works between workshops dates. To be included in the referral scheme, Workshop A clients must book before the Workshop B date for you to earn the cash back for Workshop B. Should your workshop A clients book after Workshop B, this will not count towards Workshop C’s referral scheme. In order to earn money for Workshop C, Workshop B clients must have booked between workshops B & C (unless they are doing a pre-workshop booking.)(***)

  • Clients bonus hour only occurs on their first booking. (****) 

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