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Do we have any residents? 

One of the most of the most popular questions, about the mill, we get asked is about Atlas Mill, is whether the mill is haunted. 

Why wouldn't folk want to know this question, after all the mill is over 130 years old and during its 76 years as a cotton mill it would have seen many incidences of trauma, limb loss and even death. None of these would have been publicly documented as it was all kept 'in-house'. however the fact these things happened within these mills are quite well documented.

If you add into the equation that before Atlas Mill number 6 existed there was a farm on the same land,  Shiptons farm, which has a sad and tragic history involving deaths, abortions and murder.

So, onto answering the question of whether we have any permanent 'residents'!

Firstly, we have to say that the answer to ths question is completely down to you. We will let you decide by offering you the opportunity to see and her things which have been captured here in the mill. Yet we are mindful that these things are always open to interpretation. The skeptics out there may well be scornful of this page even existing, however we like to be open minded to the possibility that there may be things we cant explain occurring within our walls. 


So how did we go about answering this question? Well, to begin with we don't have any experience, technology or expertise in being able to provide 'evidence' to be able to quell people's, and our, curiosities.


So...... who we gonna call??

....sorry....couldn't help myself there.....

We got hold of a group of people who are paranormal investigators, with their modus operandi being one of skeptical researching rather than glorifying ghostly 'occurrences'. This was important to us, as we know the mill very well and know that there are normal mill 'noises', lights and shadows that can be debunked with simple explanations. 

Our chosen Paranormal Investigators are Blackpool Anomalous Paranormal Society (South Shore). Yes, that's B.A.P.S.S.S for the eagle eyed ones amongst you.

One of the things which we also really liked about B.A.P.S.S.S was there willingness to have us join them and be a part of their investigation. This way we can experience with our own eyes and ears what might occur in the darkness of our mill.

First investigation - September 2018

The investigation began around 6pm, finishing around 3am, and involved so many gadgets it was a bit mind-boggling to begin with. 4 stationary infrared cameras, audio recording devices, devices that light and squeal to the touch (REM devices), devices that show thermal imagery and devices that can track a 'persons' body as if it where a stick man..... even if you can't physically see them yourself!

So can we prove anything?

Well, from the night in question quite a few things happened. Things that really made you question whether we have 'residents' or not, evidence which we will show you on this page's tabs. We will not answer that question for you, however we will leave it for you to decide what you think.

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