Non-Commercial  Pricing

A non-commercial booking is one in which the person booking Atlas Studios is using the studio for their own personal use, and not with the intention to make or intend to make a profit.


These prices are intended for amateur photographers, students*, hobbyist's or photographers who wish to use Atlas Studios for their own photography or film project, be it as a film location or a photography studio. 


Prices for 2022**

Sorry we do not hire the studio out for 1 hour

£50.00 = 2 hours

£65.00 = 3 hours

£80.00 = 4 hours

£95.00 = 5 hours

£110.00 = 6 hours

£125.00 = 7 hours

£140.00 = 8 hours

For any bookings longer than 8 hours, please drop us an email or give us a call to discuss your project.

Any overtime = £35.00 per hour from the first minute past the original booking. Our staff will remind you of the timings as you approach the end of the booked shoot.

Should damage to any equipment / props be caused, the cost for any and all repairs required will be the clients to cover.

All shoots are to be closed and finished with you leaving the studios, 15 minutes after your hire time. I.E -Shoot time is 2-4, you are expected to leave the premises by 4.15.



*Students must provide evidence that they are a student, and which educational establishment they attend, at the time of booking to receive 10% discount on a 3 hour or more booking. Discount does not include prop hire payment.


**Prices are subject to change at the discretion of Atlas Studios, any price changes will not influence bookings already made.