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Payments policy

In order to complete any booking you must pay 50% non-refundable deposit at least 2 weeks in advance of the booking date.

Any outstanding balances should be made 1 week before your booking date.

Please contact me should this be an issue or you want to make an 'emergency' booking. 


All payments are to be made by BACS to:


Sort: 050005

Account number: 04203682

No booking will be allowed to occur without the receipt of full payment.



Booking start times are the time you will be let in to the studio. If you require time to set up or for models / talent to have make up / hair or stylists please ensure that you allow for this in your start booking time. The end of your booking is the time you will be expected to leave the studio, we understand that shoots can over run and as such we request that you discuss this with your host before the end time occurs. We will always try to accommodate over runs, however some ties this is not possible. All overtime payments must be made by BACS before the you leave the premises, unless arranged with the management.

Atlas Studios will not accept any videography or photographic bookings that can be categorised as either pornographic or described as adult entertainment. Full Nude / Art nude are no longer permitted to occur within the studios. Any shoots containing lingerie / underwear / Swimsuits must be disclosed on the booking form.


Booking form

Full disclosure of the content of your shoot must be made for all bookings, especially in regards to the content of the booking, and expected numbers present at the booking. Any bookings found too not have made full disclosure for their shoot will have their shoot cancelled and asked to leave. No refund will be given should this occur.



Prop hire is a one-off payment of £10.00 per booking, this can be paid on the day of your booking or at the time of making your booking if you would prefer.


Our Facebook page and website have images of all our props for you to be able to view before you arrive and plan your shoot accordingly.

Whilst every effort has gone into ensuring that all props are suitable to use, it is down to the photographer to ensure that the props are used in the manner for which they have been designed.


Some of the props we have in our store are classed as antiques and as such we would expect them to be treated with care and respect. Any damage caused to the props through misuse by photographer and / or their model / clients will be expected to be paid for.  Should payment not be received for the damage, Atlas Studios will have no choice but to not allow the photographer, model or clients to return to the studios.


Props are returned in the same condition as you received them, this way others can use them too.

Refund policy

Any cancellations follow the below refund policy of payments made in full.

All deposits made are NON -REFUNDABLE, so if the only payment made has been a deposit that is sacrificed at the time of cancellation.


+ 10 days cancellation - full refund minus non-refundable deposit

10 - 5 days cancellation - 50% refund of full booking minus non-refundable deposit

5-3 days cancellation - 25% refund of full booking minus non-refundable deposit

3 - day of booking - NO REFUND 


Proof of age

Please Note: It is Atlas Studios policy that all photographers are required to ensure that they obtain proof of age from all models when working in the studios confirming that they are over the age of 18. 

This must be in the form of either a driving license or photo passport. 

If suitable ID is not provided, Atlas Studios reserve the right to refuse entry to the studios. 

Under 18’s will require a Parent or Legal guardian present at all times 



The studios have public liability insurance for incidences that occur because of neglect due to any lack of care from the maintenance of Atlas Studios facilities, or by its hosts.

It is expected that ALL photographers / videographers will have their own insurance covering their clients / models who they are working with.


Smoke / Haze Machine,

Smoke and haze machines are permitted within the studios, however this is with prior arrangement. 

You can hire a smoke machine from us, for a £10 fee which is for the duration of your photoshoot. 

Smoking, Vaping, Smoke bombs & Pyrotechnics

Smoke bombs, smoking, Vaping, fireworks or any form of pyrotechnics are NOT permitted within the studios. This is due to the main room being comprised of Oak beams which are original from 1864. These wooden beams are all soaked in linseed oil and the introduction of Heat, flame, or sparks could incur into a highly flammable environment.

If you have any further questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to get in contact.


Should you have any questions or would like to do a recce of the Studio, please get in touch and we can arrange this for you. 

Recce's are by an appointment basis only, this is due to the nature of shoots which may be occurring at the time. 

Please do not turn up and expect to view the studio as a refusal may offend, and unfortunately refusal is what will happen.


The Mill

By its very nature the mill is a dusty, grimy place. We take every effort to keep the mill clean and tidy to the best of our ability, however it is nearly impossible to remove all the dust and grime from the building. The main aspects you must be made aware of are:

The wooden floor in the mill still retains the loom oil from its days as a cotton mill; unfortunately because of this the floor WILL leave an oily brown mark on your clothes. This usually comes out once it has been washed. In the circumstances which this has not been able to be removed from your clothing, Atlas Studios LTD cannot be held liable for any laundering fee's, either professional or home, nor any fees for the replacement of any clothing, footwear, dance wear, props or costumes, either worn by yourself, your client or your talent.

Entering Atlas Studios is done so with the exact understanding of the nature of our environment and the potential risks to clothing / footwear/ props etc.

Carpet pads are available for you to use to assist in keeping you cleaner. These can be found at the entrance to the rooms.

There are, in some areas of the mill, uneven floor surfaces, large worn patches of the wooden floor causing it to splinter, and bolts and screws protruding from the floor and walls. Every effort has been made to clear the floor and wall from these protrusions, however should you locate one that has not been removed inform your host immediately.


We hold the rights to film any setting up, filming and preparation of your shoot for our own content. We will not, under any circumstances capture or record any of the content of your shoot and display, that in any method, before you, the client, has released your material. If you do not wish to have any content captured, please inform your host on the day.


If you have any questions about any aspects of the studios, pricing, lighting etc then please feel free to get in touch.


I hope this answers all questions you may have but if not feel free to get in touch.



Kind regards


Rob Fenlon

Atlas Studios Manager



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