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Friends of Atlas Studios





This page is to show you our friends' images and videos that have been created and captured here, at Atlas Studios. These images have been created from Atlas Studios being used as either a film location, Photography studio, hosts for workshops or for private hire.

Hopefully, you will be able to see the diversity of images which can be created here at Atlas Studios.

Excellent venue. Loads of photographic possibilities and a real opportunity to be creative. Really positive and helpful owner who couldn't do enough to help us to make the day special for so many of our customers. Highly recommended.

Graham Currey

Photography sessions day workshops

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Model Nadie Smith sat on a chair in Atlas Studios

Photographer Linda Fuller

Model: Nadine Smith

Photography sessions day workshops

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Model Dave Upton sat on the stairs in Atlas Studios

Photographer Dave Upton

Model: Chris McNeil

Photography sessions day workshops

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Model Aloe Verawang stood in the stone room in Atlas Studios.

Excellent location for editorial fashion shoot!
I have used Atlas for several fashion shoots and its been exceptional with regard to, natural light, atmosphere, facilities & professional management. The spacious location has so many features & settings to work with, it's a creatives dream. I would highly recommend Atlas and look forward to returning again soon.

Photographer: Debbie Ellis

Model: @AloeVeraWang (instagram)


(Posted on our Facebook page)

Image by Emma Finch taken in the main room at Atlas Studios.

At last I got to shoot at Atlas Studios, and boy was it worth waiting for. Everywhere you looked was a spot for shooting. To say this place is big does not do it justice. Even huge would be an under statement. Although it was a cold day, the space was for the model was lovely and warm. A quick tour of the studio and I got down to shooting. The natural light is amazing and lucky for me the sun was out. 

There were so many props to choose from, I was like a kid in a sweet shop.

Rob was great, and moved things around for me when needed.

I definitely will be back there shooting, just a shame it's so far from me or I would use this studio more often

Highly recommended

Tony Brown 

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Image by Tom Gradwell of Ballet dancer in the main room in Atlas Studios
Image by Tom Gradwell of dancer in the Stone room in Atlas Studios

Superb location for a wide variety of different looks. I think I'll be using Atlas Studios a lot in the years to come.

- Tom Gradwell

Tom Gradwell Photography

(Posted on our Facebook page)

Family portrait images by Cathy Brown in front of the pallet wall in the main room in Atlas Studios

Loved working at the mill, there is so much potential with the place, the light is fabulous through the large windows and I didn't need anything but natural day light. There is lots of scope to try out so many things as the place has so many varied walls and props it really is fantastic. My clients loved their images from the shoot I did at the mill and they bought them all. Rob was a great host for the afternoon and looked after my needs as well as that of my clients. Looking forward to booking the mill again.

- Cathy Brown from Cathy brown Photography -

(Sent as a email testimonial)

Image from IMG Photography

What more can you ask for, if your looking for an industrial / editorial photoshoot this venue would take some beating, very professional operation, loads of shooting opportunities, green room, changing room, toilets, kitchen, safe and secure, really great venue and I am sure will only improve with even more shoot locations and backgrounds in the future, Highly recommended.

- Karl

IMG Photography

(Posted on our PurplePort account)

Yesterday was my first shoot at Atlas. I wasn't really sure what I was going to find when I got there. I basically had my mind blown! The space is vast and the possibilities almost endless. There are so many different textures, spaces and colours in the mill it's not really possible to convey in words it has to be seen to be believed. It's nice that there haven't been many changes made to the building so it has a very authentic look. There was an awful lot of dust and my model and I were both filthy at the end of four hours which I know is something the owners are addressing. The natural light is strong in most areas to the point where I didn't even bother getting any of the lights out. Although the Mill is a bit chilly the changing room was very cosy which my model certainly appreciated. Rob was a very accommodating host, helpful, pleasant, and clearly passionate about the space... 

All in all, it was a fantastic experience and a real bargain for the price I paid. I will most definitely be returning and thoroughly recommend it. My only complaint is that it isn't closer to where I live!

- Rob Carter

(Posted on our PurplePort account)

Image by Delboy of a model on ared chair in the main room.

Just finished two shoots at Atlas Studios. Had previously had a tour by Rob who is so enthusiastic about the place and rightly so.

The studio is work in progress but the shoot is fantastic lots of open space as well as stair wells and natural light. Even a lift up to the studio so carrying equipment is made easy.

The free to use Props are great one of my model even designed a christmas living room shoot.

It is a pleasant airy place with a warm welcome from Rob who is there to help as required or disappears if not needed.

Excellent brewing facilities.

As stated this is work in progress but don't let this put you off you will not be disappointed if you book time here 

- Dave aka Delboy

(Posted on our PurplePort acount)

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